We offer solutions for solar energy.

Our company provides various choices for customers to save on their bills and also support the environment.

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At Solectivo, we bring communities together through collective self-consumption, transforming savings and sustainability into accessible and enriching realities for everyone.

At Solectivo, we unlock a world of possibilities in the field of solar energy with our focus on collective self-consumption.

Our goal is clear: to make it easy for every person and business to access cleaner and more affordable energy, with no risks involved.

We strive to offer comprehensive solar energy solutions for all your energy needs. From solar panel installation to consumption management and optimization, our team of experts is dedicated to providing a complete and personalized service.

With Solectivo, savings on your electricity bill and contribution to a more sustainable planet go hand in hand, allowing our communities to flourish in an energetically efficient and responsible environment.


At Solectivo, we are committed to saving energy and promoting efficiency by offering innovative solar energy solutions. Our mission is to reduce costs for our clients by encouraging responsible and sustainable consumption. We believe in the power of the sun to transform the energy landscape and pave the way for a brighter future.


In Solectivo, we are dedicated to promoting a greener future through solar energy, helping our clients to reduce their carbon footprint, and leading the way towards a responsible and ecological energy transformation.


Solectivo promotes collective self-consumption by fostering collaboration and community sharing. Our approach allows users to not only generate their own solar energy, but also share the excess, creating a network of sustainable and united energy.


Solectivo embraces efficiency, sustainability, and collaboration. Our values are reflected in every solar panel: smart savings, care for the planet, and a strong sense of community, leading the way towards a shared and sustainable energy future.

Work with us

Join Solectivo and immerse yourself in an energetic experience. Here, you will embrace innovation, share a passion for sustainability, and be part of a diverse and collaborative team. Integrity is our compass, and together, we are committed to making the world a greener place.

If you’re looking for an exciting journey where these values shine, welcome to Solectivo!

Cooperative integration

We value the integration of diverse perspectives at Solectivo, creating an environment where all voices are heard and respected.

Brilliant Commitment

Our unwavering commitment translates into a commitment to sustainability, where we tirelessly work towards a cleaner and brighter future.


At Solectivo, our passion is to drive sustainable progress by inspiring innovative solutions in solar energy.

Mutual respect

At Solectivo, respect is fundamental. We value and respect every member of the team, promoting an inclusive and positive environment.

Unlimited talent

We celebrate talent at Solectivo, where each member contributes their unique skills to drive success in the field of solar energy.

Collective development

At Solectivo, development is a priority. We work together to drive personal and professional growth, ensuring a strong and talented team.

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